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Audico Technology has over 60 years’ experience in audio technology, starting in the mid-50’s with central radio systems for schools and other public buildings in Finland. Since then Audico has developed and delivered thousands of systems for different kinds of public spaces with individual requirements.

Today we are the leading manufacturer of certified public address and voice evacuation sound systems in Finland. As an agile small technology company Audico has developed a versatile product portfolio that includes tailored information systems, voting, conference and speech recording systems.

Our aim is to be a trusted and innovative solution provider for all our clients.

Audico Technology has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified management system.


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Our Team

Jyri Hiltunen
Jyri Hiltunen
Managing Director
+358 20 747 9356
Ann Winitsky Säiner
Ann Winitsky Säiner
Head of Marketing & Sustainability
+46 7 3693 1010
Mikko Tuominen
Mikko Tuominen
Sales Manager
+358 20 747 9351
Raino Hyttinen
Raino Hyttinen
Development Director
+358 20 747 9360
Kari Hakkarainen
Kari Hakkarainen
Sales Manager
+358 20 747 9352
Ari Riipinen
Ari Riipinen
Technical Specialist
Mika Talo
Mika Talo
Technical Specialist


The key role of a public address, evacuation alarm and security audible alarm system is to convey information - sometimes even in extreme conditions. Sirens and fire bells do not clearly indicate what the emergency is, so a spoken message gives better guidance to people, especially in unfamiliar areas.

In the EU, the characteristics of the system are defined in the harmonized standards, which specify requirements, test methods and performance requirements for equipment used in detection and alarm systems connected to a fire alarm system.

The Audico Avec G3 system is certified and complies with EN 54-16, EN 54-4. With Avec, we can implement a compliant system for even large sites. The standard sets requirements not only for the manufacturer but also for the other parties involved in the project. We advise electrical designers, contractors and users on how to meet their requirements to ensure that the overall implementation complies with the standard.

The AVEC G3 system has been type-approved according to the requirements of the marine industry (DNV + BV).

Quality and Suistainability

Audico Technology Oy develops and manufactures high quality audio evacuation and information system products and related services with the quality level expected by the market. We strive to provide the best possible solutions to our customers' needs, taking into account environmental issues.

Each of our employees is responsible for the results and quality of their work, together with their colleagues. We guarantee good and fair working conditions for all our employees.

We are committed to meeting our obligations under the law and other requirements.

We are committed to protecting the environment in all our activities. To support environmental sustainability and well-being, we are committed to optimising the life cycle and energy efficiency of our products.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Audico Group acknowledges the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a shared global ambition to protect our planet and create prosperity for all. As a company, we can have a large influence by adapting the way we work to meet the needs of future generations. The SDGs have been integrated into our sustainability agenda where we believe our business can contribute towards them. We aim to actively contribute to achieving the global goals by focusing on the ones that are most relevant to our operations and strategy and, where we as a company can have the greatest impact for us, these are goals 3: Good health and wellbeing and 12: Responsible consumption and production.

If you want to know more how we work with sustainability download our policy or contact us for more info about how we can help you to future prove your needs.

Audico Group is a company with a long history, 60 years in ProAudio industry and 30 years in entertainment and AV business (Audio Visual), that takes responsibility and contributes to a sustainable development of our business and the world around us. Our purpose is to offer our customers, future proven, premium and operational secure audiovisual solutions, products and services, to make it possible for people to meet and communicate with great experience and environmentally friendly.  For us to create long-term value - for our company, our customers and for the society - both people and the environment are in focus of a sustainable profitable business today and in the future.

LST Production

LST Production is established on 2012 as a joint venture with Audico Holding and LST Group. The main purpose is to focus on high quality and demanding precision manufacture and product assembly.

We manufacture:
- AVEC Product family
- PA-VA Cabinet final assembly & testing
- Low & medium voltage central cabinets
- Cable series
- Mechanics

LST Production is manufacturing products also for multiple outside customers like, VR, The Finnish Defence Forces, Meyer Turku and HSL.

Our Vision

Be the leading and trusted partner for Audio Visual communication and entertainment systems

Our Mission

We exist to help organizations with sustainable solutions for communication and entertainment. We do it with a personal, market leading expertise, always with the customer needs in focus

Our Values


We are honest and fair to people and to our society. We give value for investment and are open and transparent.


We are reliable and deliver what is expected. We keep our word and want to contribute to a sustainable world.


We dare to value the work we do for our customers. We like to change and try new initiatives. To continuously develop ourselves, we give and ask each other for constrictive feedback.


We share information and support each other across units and countries, and we strongly believe in diversity. We care for our customers and partners. We do things together.

Audico Technology Oy

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We are open: mon-fri at 08.00-16.00
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