The AAE 801B is a paging console that can be connected to Audico AVEC and AVEC G3 system. It has a goose neck microphone, which allows you to make an announcement/paging for one of the freely defined programmed paging area. Ideal application for the console is a situation where there are many agents of the paging and they change frequently, for example, information desks. There is only one press button, which allows the paging to be activated and terminated. The button action can be chosen from either the PTT (paging is active when the button is pressed) or TOGGLE (at the push of a button to activate, another push to terminate the paging). There are 4 indicator lights around the switch to indicate the status of the device and the operation status.

The console has a connector for the speaker muting in cases where the console is in the immediate vicinity of the loudspeakers, which needs to be muted to avoid acoustical feedback during paging. The console can be placed on a table or embed into the table. In addition, the console can be attached to the wall or into the wall enclosure with the brackets that are supplied as an accessory. The consoles are connected to the Main or Spare bus of the system, or, alternatively, to audio input with dry-contact paging control. The maximum number of devices on the bus is 15, but there is no limit on the number of devices with dry-contact paging control in the system.

Main Features

Technical Features

Audico type
AAE 801B Audico AVEC Paging and Control Console
Audico code
EAN code
6430029191443 EAN
Electret Microphone, cardioid pattern
Goose neck
220 mm
Frequency response -3dB
200-17 000 Hz (HPF) , 50-17 000 Hz
Power supply
24VDC audio, 12VDC input digital, bus powered. In the special case local power supply 12VDC/0, 5A
RJ-45 Main Bus RJ-45 Spare Bus, 3-pole removable screw terminal max. Ø 0.75 mm²
Operating temperature
-15 ... 55⁰C
20% ... 90% no condensation
0.41 x 0.16 x 0.18 m
Package volume
0.0012 m3
Audico code
0.47 kg

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