AAE Paging and Control Consoles

Modular paging and control consoles of the Avec family are used for making announcements, playing messages, give on-screen information on the equipment status, selecting sound sources and adjusting volume zone by zone. The versatile consoles have been certified and comply to the EN 60945 and  EN 54-16 standards in voice evacuation system.

The AAE range of consoles are used to control diverse functions in the Audico Avec G3 sound system. The unit allows paging and playback of prerecorded messages in different zones within a building. The console with an LCD display (DC) can be used to activate program sources and adjust volumes in different zones. The error monitoring required by the EN-standards is shown with indicator lights.

There are two user levels for the console; paging, activating information messages and choosing a source can be done by anyone, zones can be manually directed into alert or evacuation mode only by authorized personnel. The consoles are stylish and the user interface is logical and easy to use.

AAE 808 - AAE 808F
AAE 808DC - AAE 808DCF

The basic console AAE 808 has 8 zone buttons and main control. The following console  AAE 808DC has an LCD display and control number/menu buttons.

AAE 824 - AAE 824F
AAE 824DC - AAE 824DCF

For middle size installations there are two 24 zone versions.
With or without the display module.

AAE 840 - AAE 840F
AAE 840DC - AAE 840DCF

For larger systems a 40 zone console is most suitable.
Without the display - AAE 840 or with the display - AAE 840DC.
Tailor made consoles are made up to 120 zone units - AAE 8120DCF with 16– zone steps (56, 72, 88, 104 or 120 zones).


Consoles equipped with a handheld microphone are mainly intended for use as a fireman’s console. These consoles are marked with the suffix F.

Main Features

Technical Features

Frequency response (-3dB)
200-17 000 Hz(mic) 50-17 000 Hz(aux)
Audio input (aux)
-14...0dB (adjustable)
THD + N 1 kHz
Connectors type
System & Redundant Bus (Bus1 ja Bus2) RJ45
Aux audio
3,5mm TRS connector
Ext. control
3 pin removable screw
Operation temperature
-10 ... +50 ºC

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