AMI 100 Mobile Interface

AMI 100 Mobile Interface Unit is a multipurpose GSM based wireless audio interface. It makes possible to realize audio path from the mobile telephone’s microphone to AMI 100 balanced analogue audio output. Additionally, a relay’s dry contact(NO) control activation is enabled when audio path is ready.

For safety reason Unit can be configured to accept certain telephone numbers only (up to 50 numbers). Configuration is done via SMS messages.

Unit should be placed to an environment, where GSM network is available. No external GSM antenna is needed. Unit’s enclosure IP-class is IP67, so inside or outside installation is possible.

Unit needs 12VDC power supply; it can be ranged from the external power supply or directly from PA/VA central.


- Public Address System remote info announcement

- Voice Alarm System emergency announcement

- Info/ Alarm message activation to defined paging zone (stored messages)

Main Features

Technical Features

IP rating
Audio output
Transformer balanced audio 0dB/600ohm
Power supply
external 12 VDC (0,5A)
Ambient temperature
-30…+75 °C
Dry contact output
NO max. 1A, activated when connection is ready
Automatic disconnection
configurable time 10…400 min
Audico code
Accepted number of users
up to 50 numbers
75x100x35 mm
0,17 kg

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